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Lesco Industrial Restoration offers the following:

  • Complete blast & paint facilities (conforming to all codes)
  • One (60L) Spray booth with bake cycle capabilities
  • High capacity material and handling equipment
  • Testing equipment for Q.C. reports
  • Mobile units

Lesco Industrial Restoration services the Steel Fabricators & Manufacturers:

  • Structural steel , tanks, silencers, heat exchangers, recycling containers, dust collectors, storage containers, racking, etc.
  • We are also applicators of high performance industrial coatings – Alkyds, Urethanes, Epoxies, Coaltar, Inorganic and Organic Zincs 

Lesco Industrial Restoration Services the Trucking Industry:

  • Complete body repair, paint & Trailer restoration
  • Dump trucks, plows, concrete trucks, highway tractors & heavy equipment

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